Forward to Practical Colposcopy-third edition


Introduction: the rebirth of colposcopy

Anatomical and histopathological basis of colposcopy

Equipment, conditions, technique and indications of colposcopy

The normal cervix

Transformation zone

Inflammatory, infectious and parasitic lesions

Sequelae of inflammation and ulceration: fibrosis

Dysplasias of squamous epithelium

I. Histopathology

Il. Colposcopic findings

III. Biopsies and surgical specimens

IV. Topographical analysis: diagnostic and therapeutic choices

V. Local treatment, excision by diathermy loop and colposcopy of connective tissue

Glandular dysplasias

Invasive carcinomas

Occult invasive carcinomas and early stages of invasive carcinoma


Endometriosis and deciduosis

Utero-vaginal malformations


The possibilities and limitations of colposcopy: some illustrative cases

Conclusion: advice to the beginner in colposcopy