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Micropapillary white zone of anterior lip and at the edge of the quamo-columnar junction.

Diagram showing variations in the thickness of squamous epithelium and its relations with the glands and connective tissue in high-grade dysplasia.

Colposcopy: at the periphery of an ectropion of the glandular mucosa, thin, white, bumpy squamous epithelium beginning to cover the glandular papillae, the contours of which may be just seen.

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Histology: the squamo-columnar junction.

Diagram showing the area of the junction after application of acetic acid.

Colposcopy on the 10th day of the cycle. The papillae of the endocervical glandular mucosa are visible more than 10 mn above the external os through the clear cervical mucus.

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Colposcopy: transformation zone. Schiller’s test. Tongues of normal squamous epithelium, well stained by iodine.

Schiller’s test. Squamous epithelium has whitened following the application of acetic acid, but is poorly stained by iodine, in particular in the region of the squamo-columnar junction.

After opening of the cervical canal using polyp forceps, only the tip of the polyp is covered by white epithelium. Histological examination shows the lesion to be one of high-grade dysplasia.

Micro-invasion of the connective tissue

Glandular cyst: dense, regular vascular network.

Diagram representing the successive stages of transformation zone.